Young Scottish mom blames 8-cup boob growth spurt for life woes

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A young mother from Scotland is blaming her life woes on her enormous boobs and wants financial help to do something about it.

Natalie Donnan, a 21-year-old from Ayrshire, says her breasts grew eight cup sizes after she gave birth to her daughter last October, leading to crippling back pain that prevents her from walking long distances or working out in the gym. She told the UK’s Daily Mail she has to deal with severe back pain, can’t find a bra that fits properly and has sores all over her chest.

“It’s affected everything from my body image to being able to buy clothes and bras that fit me,” Donnan told the Daily Mail. “They attract unwanted attention all the time and I hate it. It’s causing medical issues and it’s not something that’s self-afflicted, it’s not something that I’ve wanted.

“I think it’s made out to be better than it is. People don’t realize the health implications, like the back pain.”


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In the hope of having breast reduction surgery done quickly – the waiting list, she says, is too long – Donnan, a former ferry stewardess, has started a GoFundMe account to come up with £5,000 (C$8,500) needed. So far, after nearly two weeks, she hasn’t received a single donation.

Donnan’s postpartum growth spurt, which has left her with breasts measuring 32K, has baffled doctors, she said. That said, she says she has always had big breasts and the first bra she bought at age 11 was a 32FF.

In addition to the pain she experiences from her mammoth boobs, she is also having problems attracting a boyfriend. Much of the attention she receives from men while out and about is unwanted.

“I was at work once on a late shift and all these drunk men were hitting on me,” she said. “It made me feel pretty uncomfortable, it was horrible. I don’t want to wear anything that I feel is sexy and I can’t wear anything that will give me full support.

“It makes it difficult to find a boyfriend who genuinely cares about me. If I use dating apps all the messages I get are always about my boobs. It feels really degrading. It’s not the kind of attention I want from people.”

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