Patrick Noyen shares city council campaign details

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Fort Saskatchewan resident and business owner Patrick Noyen shared some details of his city council campaign this week.

Noyen shared that he has had the opportunity to connect with Fort residents through his landscaping business and as such has a solid understanding of the issues important to locals.

“Having the rare opportunity to meet residents one on one in their yards through my landscaping business, I have been able to hear issues which are important to local homeowners. Overall Fort Saskatchewan residents love our community and the direction we are heading. It is a vibrant city full of hard-working citizens who embrace the amenities offered and proximity to jobs,” Noyen explained.

“However it is apparent that many people are concerned with some areas of spending and this needs to be addressed. One issue which has been raised several times is infrastructure spending, specifically re-surfacing roadways not in need of repair as well as intersections being changed or built in an illogical manner. Driving visibility and speed on the ring road is also something that needs to be addressed,” he said.


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Noyen also noted that property tax rates are particularly important following the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent budget.

The key focuses of Noyen’s campaign include “diligent and ongoing management of residential development in new neighbourhoods and recently annexed lands; keeping land developers in check by eliminating zero lot lines and minimal side yards; balancing green spaces and commercial properties; and future school sites within developing neighbourhoods.”

Noyen also hopes to ensure cost of living affordability by encouraging no to low property tax increases over his term; encourage both sports and arts and culture facilities to be developed into venues which can accomodate provincial and national sanctioned events; and assess the need for proposed infrastructure maintenance projects.

Encouraging local small business growth by providing funding, post-COVID fiscal responsibility and communication with provincial government are also primary concerns.

“I will deliver on these issues by actively seeking information available through connectivity with peers and city employees,” he said.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic making traditional campaign techniques difficult, Patrick has been using social media and online strategies to connect with residents.

“COVID has certainly been a damper on what would normally be the opportunity to canvass door to door. As it is not recommended nor worth the potential risk of seeing multiple residents per day, I intend to use social media and the assistance of local news agencies as a means to communicate directly with voters and engage the public with my platform details and updates,” he said.


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He added that he is also available to meet in a public space to interact with those wanting to have a conversation regarding future decisions to be made by the next Council.

“I want to acknowledge that COVID will inevitably present many unforeseen challenges to the next elected municipal government. It is imperative that after the election this Fall, we work hard to face these hurdles and make timely decisions which will shape our future,” he concluded.

For more information about Noyen’s campaign, visit Patrick Noyen for City Council on Facebook.

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